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5 Questions with…You’re A Liar

January 27, 2011

You’re A Liar

Andy Beargie (drums), Eric Day (bass), Gabriel Garber (guitar), Charlie Thomas (guitar)

2010 saw You’re A Liar taking the stage with new members and a whole new energy. In between shows, the band dedicated their time to recording their first album, and will celebrate its release this Saturday at 902′s Nightclub.

1. How/when did You’re A Liar get started?

Eric: You’re A Liar started about four years ago with me, Chuck and James Lyter when we all lived together. The three of us went to the same high school and moved to Bloomington to attend IU. Chuck and I played in bands together in high school and I knew James from playing music as well. If my memory serves me right and it usually doesn’t, we played with the original line up for about two years.

Charlie: Andy joined the summer before last when Liar was looking for a drummer. Eric met him through work. Gabe joined a year ago when we realized that we layered way to many guitars while recording this album. His work with Impure Jazz led us to asking him to be in the band.

2. How is this new album different from any recordings/releases you’ve done in the past?

Eric: This is our first real album so we are super excited about that. We had this record done awhile ago but then Gabe joined so we let him toy with it and he added alot to the songs so we recorded his parts over what we already had. We also add three new songs written with the new lineup

Charlie: The first batch of recordings we produced contain many songs we like. With this new record I think we’ve put in much more work than previously, ultimately attempting to refine our sound. And we’re happy with it.

GabrielAside from having new members (Andy and myself), these were the first Liar recordings done at Sleepwalk Recording, Eric’s studio.  He has put a lot of time and effort into the place, and the record very clearly demonstrates how well he can make the room sound.

Andy: Sonically, the album is much better than the previous one.

3. Being an instrumental band, how do you keep your sound and live show fresh?

Eric: We keep things fresh by being fresh. That’s the secret.

Gabriel: I’ve played in a few instrumental bands before Liar, so I’ve had to learn to keep the listener’s attention.  And it’s something I think we all understand and are aware of.  Most of all, you just can’t do the same thing over and over and over again.  Change is a necessity to keep things fresh.  Whether it takes the form of longer songs with frequent changes or lots of short songs or whatever, you don’t want to bore people.  Liar takes the “short and sweet” route.  It also doesn’t hurt that our live shows are loud and boisterous.  Anything to hold people’s interest.

Andy: Practice.  Being an instrumental band, we kind of have to bring something else to our live shows to keep the audience captivated.  We do this by trying our best to stay rhythmically tight, and playing loud.  Its important for the audience to feel the music.

Charlie: Eric’s dance moves.

4. Where is your favorite place to play in Bloomington and why?

Charlie: 902′s is really cool. Josh [Johnson] has helped us out a lot in the past few years. Basements are always the best.

Gabriel: I’d have to say 902′s; I’d almost consider it our home turf.  Looking back, I can’t remember playing a bad show there.  They’ve all been really good–the last handful we’ve had were GREAT–and I always look forward to our shows there.

Eric: I like house shows overall. There is a special kind of energy you get when your packed into tight spaces with no stage. Its hard to get that at a venue.

Andy: 902′s has always been good to us.

5. If you could change something about the Bloomington music community, what would it be and why?

Charlie: Louder bands

Gabriel: More all-ages or 18+ venues.  Or more support for the current youth-friendly venues.

Eric: I would have more people who are supportive, active and open-minded about whats going on in this town.

Andy: My only concern is that there are so many people in this town missing out on all of this great music.  I think more people need to get involved and help spread Bloomington’s music to the rest of the world.  We all need to work together

Catch You’re A Liar on stage this Saturday, January 30 for the release of their self-titled album.  The show will start at 9pm at 902s and will also feature bands Racebannon and The Big Quit. This show is for the 21+ crowd and cover is $5.  Read my review of their new album here, listen to samples of the album below:

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