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5 Questions with…3rd Eye Visionaries

February 27, 2011

3rd Eye Visionaries is comprised of R-Juna, Philmatic and now DJ Topspeed, who has recently been added to the mix.  These guys have a great outlook on life and encourage people to be social aware and conscious.  I am lucky enough to know these guys and have been able to talk to them about their music.

1. How long have you been together?

We’ve been performing together for about six months, with the recent addition of DJ Topspeed as part of our crew

2. I know you’ve both performed with other artists before so what’s the story here, how was 3rd Eye formed?

R-Juna: “I started doing shows about 4 years ago in a crew with another MC and a live drummer called 2 Mics and a Kit. We rocked house parties and bars pretty regularly until 6 months ago when the other MC in the crew moved to Colorado. It just so happened that Phil moved back to Bloomington around the same time. After doing a few shows my dude DJ Topspeed showed interest in joining forces, and we’ve been going hard ever since.

Philmatic: “I toured with a group called Righteous Mic up until about 6 months ago. I had played with them since 2008. We had some disagreements over where we wanted to take the music and it led to a falling out of the group altogether. When I moved back home, 2 Mics and a Kit were on hiatus and I started making tracks with Roy (R-Juna). We started calling ourselves 3rd eye Visionaries about 3 months into the project, around the same time we started working with DJ Topspeed.”

3. Every time I see 3rd Eye Visionaries perform it’s awesome, a lot of your songs have great messages. I always catch myself singing along as if I know what the words are, but than I notice that everyone is doing it. Can you tell me about your songs and what you normally play at shows?

Our upcoming album consists of 10 songs. We usually play about a 30 minute set and we play about 8-9 songs generally.”

Songs :

My city – “a song about our hometown that we hope relates to people everywhere.”
Realism, Real Vision – “a song about not selling out and explains some life experiences.”
Mic Check – “a song that gets the crowd involved with a technique called ‘call and response’ where we have the crowd repeat things that we say.”
Unity Anthem – “a song devoted to our love of hip-hop and how it brings people together.”
Open up ya third eye - “a song about seeing things for what they are and being conscious.”

4. 3rd Eye has been playing a lot lately.  I recently saw you guys play at the Bluebird for Total Trash, how was it and other shows you’ve played    recently?

We heard about Total Trash Tuesday through a friend that books shows  for that event. The show over all was good we performed well, but there  weren’t that many people there due to weather.   However we played a show in Indianapolis the following night and it had a lot better turnout. We also play lots of house shows, and we just performed at the Bishop with another band called Elephant Quiz. We drew about 150 people and the show was a great success. We do a lot better when we create and promote our own shows, rather than hopping on shows for other people.  We have a growing following and it’s only getting better.

5. So where can people check you out next?

We have a show scheduled for April 1st at 902′s with D. Allie from Detroit. We are also scheduled to shoot our 2nd music video in Orlando, Fl and will by flying there April 20th to shoot with a crew from Full Sail University. We are in the process of finishing up our first album and are trying to release it late April. We are also going to be working on an EP with DJ Topspeed this summer.

For More Information on 3rd Eye Visionaries, check out the band on these sites:



R-Juna: Facebook, MySpace
DJ Topspeed: WebsiteFacebook, MySpace

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