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Science Fiction Puppet Show “The Standard Model”

May 31, 2011

Longtime Bloomington musician, Douglas Briney and The RPM Puppet Conspiracy, present something very different for your viewing pleasure.  Well, unless maybe you are a puppet enthusiast who puts on shows in your living room, I’m guessing that this will be an extremely unique event that you do not want to miss. Come to Max’s Place on Thursday, June 2nd to find out.

Described as: Fallacious Physics and Scientific Half-Truths! Alliances and Betrayals! The Latest Protocol on Blinding Laser Weapons!

In a world where Good battles Evil, and where stimulated emissions of photons blur the lines between the two, questions are raised! For instance:

Why are there apparent violations of the symmetry between matter and antimatter? What was the nature of the quark-gluon plasma in the early universe? And where are our protagonistʼs eyeglasses?!

Critics exclaim: “The best puppet show about particle accelerators in light years! RPM Puppet Conspiracy is a shining beacon in a universe of Dark Matter!”

Donʼt miss this moving exploration of friendship, intergalactic warfare, and the incredible longevity of packaged baked goods.


Also with musical performances by

Elsie White & Ziona Riley

Embetween Errands (Tim Baker, Ben Fowler, & Dylan Phony Baloney Dill Pickle Maloney)

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